Introducing a new kitten to your cat.

Safety is key when inroducing new kittens

I can’t tell you how many times I have a client call and excitedly tell me about the kitten they have just brought home.  Of course, the next conversation begins with “Why won’t my cat play with the new kitten?”.  As hard as this is to do, I tell them that the best way to bring these two together is to keep them in separate spaces.  That’s right.  They have to be separated from each other for several days before you allow them to be in the same space.  I recently brought three kittens into my home which already had a few mature cats.  First, I put the kittens in the master suite closet along with a bed, a litter box, food and water. Everything they needed and room to play.  In this scenario, my cats could approach the door and sniff underneath to become familiar with the scent of the kittens.  And the kittens could do the same. The kittens had a place they knew was a “safe” spot and the established cats could become familiar with the new kittens without confrontation.  After several days, I then put up a puppy gate  to use as a barrier instead of the door.  Again, the kittens were “safe”.  They could retreat to a corner of the closet when a big cat came sniffing or the braver ones could approach the big cat using the gate as a protective barrier.  This is an awesome process to watch.  Some of my cats were very curious while a couple just didn’t care.  Cats… so aloof!  The kittens soon developed their own personalities and when I finally took down the barrier, they could interact with the big cats knowing they could always retreat to their “safe” spot.  When dealing with new kittens or puppies in a home, my first instinct is safety.