Dirty Mouth?

Too bad we can’t teach our pets to brush their own teeth.  But with a few simple methods practiced over time, it can be as easy as brushing our own teeth.  The first step is to desensitize your dog or cat to having it’s teeth checked.  You can start this when they are young or even an older pet can learn this trick.  Keeping in mind that the tooth brushing only involves the front of the teeth, teach your pet that it’s okay for you to lift the lip and look at the teeth.  The next step would be to gently rub the teeth with your finger.  Again, do not open your pet’s mouth – they really don’t like that.  The final step is to use a toothpaste that is specifically designed for your dog or cat.  You would begin with a section of gauze wrapped around your dominant finger. Add a small dab of tasty toothpaste.  Lift the lip and begin rubbing the teeth in a circular motion, be sure to move to the back teeth.  After time,  you may want to use a pet  toothbrush or a small finger brush.  As with any grooming procedure, follow-up with lots of love and a yummy treat- preferably a dental chew.  A word of caution, if your pet’s gums bleed after this procedure you should consult your vet.