The “Cone of Shame”

Why are you doing this to me?

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all been asked to use it and now we all need to publicly apologize to our pets for it’s use.  The “cone of shame” is well known within the circle of pet owners, but for you on the outside I’ll spell it out.  It’s an Elizabethan collar; so named because of the great queen’s propensity for wearing high collared fashion with a flare on top, literally.  The Elizabethan collar, or e-collar, is recommended by veterinarians post-surgery for pets or to prevent your pet from licking or scratching a sore spot.  This is an awesome idea with a bad interpretation.  When the collar is in place, your pet is basically hoodwinked.  Sight is limited to a view that is directly in front of the animal; no side vision, an inability to maneuver around furniture and corners and difficulty in getting to food and water( not to mention the shame for your pet in seeming stupid).  I admit it serves a purpose and can speed recovery from a wound because it will remain undisturbed, but there must be a better way!!  Say “hello” to the inflatable collar… and hooray for your pet.  I first saw this type of collar used on one of my clients, I am a professional pet sitter, and was thrilled to make it’s acquaintance.  The inflatable collar looks very much like a life preserver that fits on your pet just like a regular collar.  So much more humane and the dog or cat is not limited in sight or ability to move or eat and drink.  The collar comes in it’s inflated form and is shaped like a horseshoe with a bit more closure at the ends.  You simply slide the collar over the pet’s neck and secure it with velcro.  I have to tell you, I thought it was the best thing since rawhide chewies!  Most pet supply stores carry this item but I have found that not all sales clerks are aware of it’s availability or just don’t know what it is, so be sure to look it up to find a supplier.