Cap’n Krunch

Cap'n Crunch



As many of you know, I am not only a great lover of cats but an owner of many.  My neighbor commented the other morning that I looked like “the crazy cat lady” as I went out to retrieve my newspaper and four cats followed me down the driveway.  Mind you only one of the four was actually mine, that was Sarafina.  She is my 10 year old tuxedo cat that lives in the garage.  What they don’t know is that I have numerous kitties who live in the bedroom and travel in and out of the house by way of a cat door.  Most everyone in the cul-de-sac thinks that I have the one lone cat, little Sarafina!!  My other kitties prefer the backyard because it backs up to a huge wooded area that is owned by State government.  No one will ever  own that land and no one will ever develop it.  Sweet, right?  So my kitties get to spend their days frolicking in the woods, chasing all sorts of critters, climbing trees and basically goofing  off.  After that they come home and take over the bed to get their necessary 16 hours of sleep.

One evening, as I was preparing to settle in bed with a good book, I heard an unusual sound from underneath the dresser.  It was a loud “crunch, crunch” sound. “Odd” I thought. ” I know we have dry cat food under the dresser for my timid eaters, but I’ve never heard it sound quite so crunchy.”  Taking a moment to look under the dresser I see Mr. MacCafferty, my big, orange tabby.  And wouldn’t you know, Mr. Mac has brought some scrumptious delicacy from outside to enjoy in my house.  I was freaking out!!  ” What now?”  I thought. ” It’s too big to be a baby mole – which we have had several of, but not as big as a squirrel- yes, Mr. Mac has taken down squirrels that were as big as he was”.  Upon closer examination, I realized it was a bunny. Yeah, a sweet little fuzzy bunny.  How horrid! and right there in my bedroom.   At this point, there wasn’t much left of the bunny and I knew better than to reach my hand in there to claim his prize.  Shoot, I’d have to fight off the other four cats who were hanging around waiting for the leftovers.  It was like watching a pride of lions; the male was devouring the kill as the rest of the pride waited their turn. Natural instincts kick in no matter how long they have been domesticated.   Actually it’s  pretty fascinating once you get over the gross factor.  The truly amazing thing about this whole grizzly episode is that Mr. MacCafferty is not a cat that appears capable of bringing down anything. Just check out his picture.   He was born without eyelids, the poor little guy.  We adopted him from the vet and she agreed to perform a surgery that would basically attach skin that would function as his eyelids.  So he had that going.  Then about two years ago he got in to something in the woods that caused an infection in one eye and it had to be removed.  Add to that the fact that his remaining eye is losing vision and finally, Mr. Mac will be 13 this year.  I am always in awe of the ability of animals to overcome what we mere humans would see as a disability.  Mr. Mac didn’t know he was different when he was a kitten, so he acted just like the other cats.  He learned how to hunt and prey by watching the rest of my crew.  After he lost his eye, it took some time for him to adjust to the changes in how things look, gauging depth perception and general functioning.  But he soldiered on.  He never gave up.  He kept doing the things he loved to do.  The vet said, after removing his eye, that it would be in Mr. Mac’s best interest to keep him inside from now on.  I beg to differ.  Mr. Mac needs to live his life as he always has, on his own terms.  If something happens to him, well he certainly has had some amazing experiences!

Why don’t you tell me about some of your cat experiences?  We all love a good story!