Best Friends Pet Care

choosing the basics for your puppy. The challenges of crate training.  Which collar is best for my dog

You want the best in pet care for your best friend.

Your best friends pet care has more to do with his environment than it does with grooming or training.  Let’s begin with your dog or puppy.  In the past, dogs were a utilitarian fixture for the home.  Our best friends pet care at this point consisted of a dog house and a chain staked to the ground.  Add to that, some dry dog food or table scraps and that was the end of the conversation.  Not true today.  Pet care has become a huge industry.  It begins with the dog’s bed and goes through to the type of collar you choose for your dog.  When you bring home a new puppy the best place for him to sleep is in a crate.  The crate symbolizes to the dog it’s basic need for a den.  Your pup’s crate should be large enough for it to stand up and turn around.  Any larger and the pup may designate an area in the crate for elimination and problems will surely arise.  The puppy should be kept in the crate when it cannot be supervised.  Most often, this will be when you are away or have retired for the night.  The most difficult aspect of crate training  is the initial isolation your pup will feel which often triggers whining  and crying.  Do your best to ignore this and your pup will soon learn that the crate is a safe place for him.  You will also need a bed of your pup.  There are crate liners and padded beds that work well.  Often you may find that a thick blanket is just as good.  Finally, you will need to purchase a collar and leash.  The collar should be worn at all times and have your dog’s tags on it ( rabies and name tags).  You may purchase a different type of collar to use during walks if your dog is particularly headstrong.  Leashes are a personal choice for pet owners.  There are many types to choose from, select the leash that gives you the best control over your dog.


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Let’s turn our attention to cats and kittens and the best friends pet care we provide for them.  With regard to the cat’s basic needs,we used to think if we just had a makeshift bed out in the garage,or shed or in the barn we were good.  Little food was required because the cat’s “job” was to control the rodent population and eat his kill.  Those days are gone.  Cats now grace the homes of thousands of people and with that comes the need for a higher level of best friends pet care.  You will find the basic needs are for bedding, scratching posts and litter boxes.  Most cats prefer to sleep on an elevated surface, this goes back to the cat’s survival instinct and helps him feel safe. He is up and away from any dangerous animals or just your feet.  You may want to put your cat’s bed up on a chair or on a shelf.  A scratching post provides your cat the opportunity to shed it’s claws and stretch after a long nap  You really want to encourage the shedding of claws on the scratching post, it will save your furniture. There are many varieties of scratching posts, so choose the best for the space you have and make it a good investment.  The litter box should be introduced early.  Place the kitten or cat in the box and just let it be.  The cat will learn quickly that this is the place to “go”.  Keep your litter box clean. It should be scooped daily at the least.  The litter should be dumped monthly and the box thoroughly cleaned before you replenish with fresh litter  This is imperative if you want to avoid your cat soiling outside the box.

Most important to your best friends care is love.  Don’t scrimp on that and you will have many years with a happy pet.