Through my work with pets and their owners, I have found a few items for pets that I prefer to recommend based on their quality and ability to stand up to canine and feline abuse.  Here are a few: This little thing is the most incredible thing!! It’s the Scoop n’ Go Waste Pick Up Mitt.… [Continue Reading]

scoop n' go

Your best friends pet care has more to do with his environment than it does with grooming or training.  Let’s begin with your dog or puppy.  In the past, dogs were a utilitarian fixture for the home.  Our best friends pet care at this point consisted of a dog house and a chain staked to… [Continue Reading]

choosing the basics for your puppy. The challenges of crate training. Which collar is best for my dog

Pet grooming is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly by pet owners.  If you begin when your puppy or kitten is young, they will learn that grooming is pleasant and totally self-indulgent.  They will bond more quickly with you because they equate grooming with their mother’s love.  Some aspects of grooming will be received… [Continue Reading]

Rub-a Dub-Dub a puppy in a tub!

Facts about cats,really?!  What do we definitively know about our feline friends?  Can anyone say they actually have a list of facts about cats?  Cats have been idolized, mystified and vilified at various times in our history.  It’s a wonder we know anything about them at all, much less to say there are hard and… [Continue Reading]

facts about cats

Advice on Pet Care

seresto collar

The Newest In Flea and Tick Collars now has a REBATE!!!!

$20 Mail-In Rebate on Seresto Flea and Tick Treatment through 8/5 at! Okay, so I just wrote about this product like, one day ago.  I was so thrilled that had the best price round and I wanted to share that with my clients and readers.  So here it is.  Can you believe it? [...]

Hot Fun in the Summer Sun

It is summer and everyone is having a big time.  Vacations have started, the grill has been brought out of the garage and your pet is spending more and more time outside.  If you are like countess other pet owners, the issue of flea and tick control has not crossed your mind.  But I’m sure [...]

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Bon Apetit!

  I work with a lot of different animals in my pet sitting business and I own a lot of animals.  An issue that often arises with older or sickly pets is the need to ensure proper nutrition when their systems are at their weakest.  When I am working with a pet and he turns [...]

raised bowls

Are You Wasting Money On Cat Food?

I know it sounds crazy, but that was my very thought every time I had to clean up after one of my cats that had just spewed his kibble everywhere.  Sorry so descriptive!  Have you ever been there?  Your kitty is quietly munching on his food and he’s purring and soo happy.  You reach down [...]

Those Crazy Cats!! Part II

Learn More about Pet Etiquette

Brain games to exercise your dog

Is His Bark Really Worse Than His Bite?

The issue of chronic barking has been debated and legislated by owners and the public alike. Those people who suffer with the neighborhood howler are often so adversely affected that their health could be in jeopardy.  Think of the shift worker who comes home early in the morning only to have to listen to his [...]

How to Train Your Puppy to the Crate.

I’m going to do a bit of boasting here.  I have been working with a Min Pin, Lucy, in teaching her to go into her crate on command.  Lucy is so full of energy that it is difficult to just get her to focus on me, never mind focusing on a task or command.  She [...]

Black Tie Optional

Black Tie Optional

    It’s that time of year again.  The nights are getting cooler, the trees have just a hint of yellow gold to them and pumpkins are showing up at the market.  Fall,one of my favorite seasons.  It is the harbinger of Holidays, the start of all the seasonal insanity that we love to hate. [...]

Meeting a new dog

Meeting a New Dog

  Nowadays, we are surrounded by dogs wherever we go.  Pet supply stores welcome them with open arms.  If you want to learn about a specific breed, just go to your local PetCo and wait a while.  Any number of breeds will cross your path.  Restaurants often have a dog water bowl strategically placed on their [...]